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Anneloes Dummer

Anneloes Dummer

Research Analist

Building: Carré
Room: C3714


My name is Anneloes Dummer. After my bachelor Biomedical Sciences and master Cancer, Genomics and Developmental Biology in Utrecht, I started a PhD at the LUMC in Leiden, investigating primary cilia on endothelial cells. Due to an unexpected job offer for my boyfriend, we decided to move to Twente on a short-time notice and I stopped working in Leiden. Because of my basic interests in labwork, microscopic structures and answering scientific questions regarding cell biology, I started as a research analist in the Clinical Neurophysiology.
In my free time I read many books, play violin in an orchestra and love to walk outside in the forest.

Research interests

The main project I will be working on is staining of synaptic molecules, to visualize the effect of hypoxia on a molecular level. With my expertise with immunofluorescence stainings in the past, I will support the research group with visualization of synaptic markers or other proteins of interest.