PhD candidates

V. (Vesna) Miljanovic

Vesna Miljanović

Building: Carré
Room: CR 3.714

General information

I studied Biomedical Engineering at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. During my studies I did two internships, first at the University of Glasgow and later at the Manipal University, which introduced me to the joy of working and exchanging knowledge in international environment. After receiving my master’s degree, I joined the group of Clinical Neurophysiology (CNPH) as a PhD student. My project "Do as I do" is about improving detection of seizures and epileptiform discharges mimicking human strategy by using cutting-edge machine learning techniques.

Research interests

Even though the representation of EEG signals has changed since its early days, visual analysis by an expert is still the gold standard in epilepsy diagnosis. Despite a lot of effort has been put in research and several methods for EEG analysis have been proposed over the last decade, the actual clinical implementation of these automatic tools is limited.

During my PhD I will tend to propose a new computer-assisted approach that is more efficient than conventional methods and improves the detection certainty and that will finally be integrated in the regular clinical routine.