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O. (Olalla) Urdanibia

Guest in CNPH group
Olalla Urdanibia
Phone: +31 (0) 53 489 1116


Dr. Urdanbia Centelles earned her medical degree in 2009 from University of Barcelona (Spain) and she completed her clinical neurophysiology residency at Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe in Valencia (Spain) which has been ranked among the top hospitals of Spain, in 2015.  She was awarded with an epilepsy clinical and research stay in Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto (Canada) and also in the Sleep Unit in Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (Denmark).

Highly skilled medical doctor with ten years of practice experience, currently working in the Clinical Neurophysiology department in Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen (Denmark) and PhD student in in the Department of Neuroscience, in Martin Lauritzen’s lab, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Adept in analyzing research data and applying it to better understand the lifecycle of diseases with focus in epilepsy, sleep, aging and coma.

Research interests   

My research is aimed at uncovering the changes that occur during aging, especially in subjects suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and delirium. We already know that MCI is a clinical state intermediate between elderly normal cognition and dementia that affects a significant amount of the elderly population, featuring memory complaints and cognitive impairment on neuropsychological testing, but no dementia. There are known several factors associated with MCI, including delirium. However, delirium is under-recognized in routine clinical work and clinical screening tests for delirium may not reliably assess its fluctuating course. Delirium appears to act independently and multiplicatively to the neuropathologic process of classic dementia; therefore, my aim is to understand better which differences we can find in a healthy aging brain compared with a septic patient suffering from delirium.




Continuous EEG Monitoring in a Consecutive Patient Cohort with Sepsis and Delirium.

Nielsen, R.M., Urdanibia-Centelles, al.

Neurocrit Care (2019).

March 2019

Rikke M. Nielsen and Olalla Urdanibia-Centelles contributed equally to this work.