Master Students

C.J.H. (Casper) Huijsman

Master Student

Building: Carré, Room: CR-3714
Phone: +31 (0)6 45 373 876


During my high school I was interested in the medical field for many years. Finally, this resulted in an registration for the study medicine at the Erasmus university of Rotterdam. On the other hand the field of interest was technology for medical application. Therefore, I visited the University of Twente to find out about the studies Technical Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. The registration to medicine didn’t work out, so I enrolled for the bachelor program Technical Medicine at the University of Twente in 2009. After my bachelor degree, Technical Medicine was changed for the study Biomedical Engineering due to personal interests in neuroscience. The master track Neural & Motor Systems – Clinical Neurophysiology was chosen. Here neuroscience, clinical neurology and neurophysiology was the perfect combination between (bio-)medical application and technology. Students enrolled in this track are familiar with data processing, biophysical modelling and simulation as well as the understanding of physiological processes. Research takes place in part-time clinical settings or with in-vitro models using cultured neurons on a multi-electrode array.

Research interests

Currently my master thesis entitled: ‘Activation and neuronal survival in the penumbra of a brain infarct’ combines technology (multi-electrode arrays) with neuroscience and neurophysiology. The aim of the study is to investigate if stimulation of neural networks with Ghrelin during long periods of hypoxia (24h) increases neural network survival. Another research interest is the development, detection and staging of Parkinson’s disease.