Master Students

Erasmusstudent from Italy

Lorenzo Muzzi  


Lorenzo was born on April 28th, 1993 in Carpi (MO) and graduated his high school in 2012

He enrolled at the Politecnico of Milan just after his graduation in 2012 to studying Biomedical Engineering. During the Bachelor’s degree, he began to be interested in the field of Neuroscience. Therefore, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree, he decides to change city in order to enrolled in the Master courses of Neuroengineering and bio-ICT in Genova.

After passing all Master courses exams, he decided to submit an application for the Erasmus+ project, in order to start his Master’s thesis project at the University of Twente.


During the Bachelor’s thesis Lorenzo characterized an injectable gel, composed of pectin and gelatin, which could be fill with stem cells of adipose tissue in order to regenerate the lack of that tissue. Currently he is working on his Master’s thesis in the Clinical Neurophysiology group in the University of Twente. He is combining Optogenetic tools to infect MEAs neuronal cultures in order to shed light on the recovery mechanism hidden behind a condition of Hypoxia of the neurons.