Masterstudent Joliene  Brouwer 


My name is Joliene Brouwer and I was born in Heerde on January 23, 1992. In high school, I always wanted to know why certain processes in nature occur the way they do. It was therefore a natural choice to start the Bachelor program Applied Physics at the University of Twente in 2010. I did my Bachelor’s assignment in the Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics group, where I determined the quality factor of a new type of optical micro-ring resonator. In 2015, I obtained my Bachelor's degree and began with the Master program Applied Physics at the University of Twente.

Besides my study, I am an active member of the Royal Netherlands Association of Engineers (KIVI), where I started organizing activities for students of the University of Twente in 2011. With 20,000 members KIVI is the largest engineering association in the Netherlands, and I was very honoured when the president of the society asked me to be member of the general board of KIVI in 2013. By 2016, I was appointed vice president and currently I am working on strategic models to make KIVI more appealing to young.


In the Clinical Neurophysiology group, I work on my Master's thesis project. The aim of my project is to find a parameter from EEG recordings that characterises human consciousness. For this, I will investigate whether we can use mathematical causality models in determining causality relations between different brain regions.