Bachelor and Master Students

M. (Martin) Carrasco Gomez

Master student in Biomedical Engineering
Room: C3.714 

General information

Martín Carrasco Gómez (1994) studied Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid, and received his Bachelor degree in 2016 (with honours). He is now a student in the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (Neural and Motor systems) at the University of Twente under the UT scholarship, and works in his Master thesis at the CNPH.

Research interests

Martín’s interests include the application of technology in the health care field and the possibilities it creates. His aim is to investigate about different mental disorders so that new treatments and preventive measures could be developed, and facilitate as much as possible the work of doctors when dealing with this kind of patients. By studying this set of subjects through EEG and MEG, he thrives to understand the nature of diverse mental states and diseases and develop tools that help in their classification and management.

At the CNPH, Martin is working on a study investigating the functional connectivity changes in postanoxic comma patients and if the integration of these data into a deep learning algorithm helps classifying the comatose patients from the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) according to their future condition, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Michel J.A.M. van Putten and the LCCN (Laboratory for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, Madrid).