Bachelor and Master Students

J. (Jorn-Jan) van der Beld

name: Jorn-Jan van der Beld
Room: C 3714


My name is Jorn-Jan van de Beld and I was born in Zwolle on May 27, 1998. I played football on a professional level during high school, which got me interested in the human body, especially using technology to heal injuries or improve performance. The bachelor program Biomedical Technology turned out to be a great choice to meet those interests. During the program I often caught myself doing the programming and modelling part of the project, because I strongly preferred those parts above others. Also I liked the courses on Neuroscience and human physiology. Clinical Neurophysiology offered a combination of those in an assignment, which I will do to obtain my bachelor degree. During the assignment I hope to explore my interests even further to prepare for the Master I plan to do afterwards.



Currently my research is about: 'Modelling the brain response after transcranial magnetic stimulation'. In my opinion a perfect example of the combination of Neuroscience and modelling. The aim is to better understand how the brain reacts to external stimulation with paired magnetic pulses.