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S. (Silvana) Huertas Penen

Master Student
Silvana Huertas Penen

Building: Technohal, room 3384
Phone: +31 53 489 1116


My name is Silvana Huertas Penen. I’m a biomedical engineering from the University of Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. I’m currently doing my master’s in biomedical engineering in the University of Twente, in the track of physiological signals and systems. During my bachelor I minor in Neueroengineering and product development.  I’m passionate about social work, during my bachelor I participated in multiple social projects including one where we worked on improving the rehabilitation process of children with cerebral palsy.

Research interests   

My main research interest is applying new developments in Machine Learning to help detect patterns in brain waves. In order to better diagnose disorders, as well as measure the evolution of patient’s treatments. To achieve this, I’ve joined the Clinical Neurophysiology research group at the University of Twente.


S. Huertas, M. León, J. Campo, A. Roldán and J. Sánchez, "SWING: proyecto de grado en Ingeniería Biomédica", in Encuentro Internacional de Educación en Ingeniería ACOFI 2017, Centro de convenciones Cartagena de Indias, 2017.