Bachelor and Master Students

Biomedical Engineering

Masterstudent: Rafael Casagrande Vilela de Carvalho


Rafael was born on March 29th, 1995 and graduated his high school in 2013.His taste for the human-computer interaction, and interest for both physics and biology made him choose Biomedical Engineering, which he started studying, in 2013, at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. For the first of Masters, he enrolled on a one-year exchange program at the University of Twente, where he now continues as a regular student. For his final year of Masters, he is now doing his internship at the Clinical Neurophysiology group.


 Together with his Biomedical background, Rafael explored the subjects of Brain-Computer Interfaces and Machine Learning. Currently, Rafael is integrated in the Clinical Neurophysiology group in order to work on the Automatic Diagnostic/Prognostic projects in the group. His work focuses on using Deep Learning to classify Electroencephalograms from patients, with the aim of automatically detecting pathologies.