Marijn Vellinga
Phone: +31 (0)53 4891116


My name is Marijn Vellinga and I grew up in Twente. I finished my bachelor Biology in 2018 at Utrecht University. During my bachelor, I mainly focused on neurobiology and behavioural biology and did a small internship during which I observed the behaviour of gorillas in zoos. Currently, I am following the master program Neuroscience and Cognition in Utrecht and more specifically, the track experimental and clinical neuroscience. I just finished an internship project at the UMC Utrecht in which I set up an experimental design to investigate predictive factors for post-traumatic stress disorder using behavioural tasks in an animal model for this disease. After these internships, I decided that I wanted to do something more neurobiology-related for my last internship. Therefore, I am really happy with the opportunity to do an internship at the University of Twente and work with brain cells in a lab.


Research interests 

My main interest so far has always involved the combination of behaviour and neuroscience. My previous internships mostly focused on animal behaviour, but since I sometimes find it hard to interpret animal behaviour I am happy that my project at the UT is about the behaviour of (brain) cells; I am going to look into cell swelling in an in vitro model for ischemia.