Master student
Marieke van der Weg 
Technohal room TL 3384


My name is Marieke van de Weg. I was born and raised in Wageningen. When I was about ten years old and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered: I don’t know, but not the same as dad (who is a researcher). However, I was always intrigued with finding out working mechanisms. When it was time to choose my bachelors I was really fascinated with the brain and I wanted to know how it worked, how consciousness arises and what happens in the brains of people with a neurological disorder. That’s how I ended up studying Psychobiology in Amsterdam, with an exchange to Canada and England for my minor and bachelor thesis, respectively. During my bachelors I developed an interest in engineering as well, which is how I ended up doing the Masters Biomedical Engineering here in Enschede. By now, I think it is time to finally admit to myself that I do like to do research and keep discovering and learning new things. Especially about the brain, preferably related to neurological disorders and diseases.

Research interests   

The culture of cortical neurons in vitro is widely employed for the study of cellular responses to injuries such as a brain infarct. In this research, recorded action potentials are used as a measure for detecting surviving cultures and responses to treatment. However, in the clinic EEG recordings are used. We aim to measure an EEG-like signal in cultured cortical neurons in vitro in addition to action potentials, in order to see if a relation between these signals can be found. This could help to even better translate in vitro research results to the clinic.