Bachelor Student

Building: Carré

Room:  C3714

Phone:  +31 (0)53 489 1116



 My name is Jorine Oosting and I was born in the city of Haarlem on the 2nd of July, 1998. During high school, I’ve always been interested in all the exact courses. When I found out about the study Biomedical Engineering, I considered this as the perfect option to combine my interests in  math, physics and biology. During my studies, I got fascinated by the brain, which made me choose to follow a minors in neuroscience. I expect my bachelor assignment at the Clinical Neurophysiology group to be a great opportunity to learn even more about the mysteries of the brain, and to complete my bachelors.

 Research interests   

The goal of my assignment is to study the characteristics of burst suppression EEG in comatose patients. To obtain this, I will study the hemispheric synchrony of the bursts as well as the spatial distribution and frequency content, by analysing the EEG signals of several comatose patients.