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F. (Femke) Gouweloos

Bachelorstudent Femke Gouweloos 

General Information

My name is Femke Gouweloos and I was born in Nieuwegein on January 11th, 1997. During high school I have always been interested in the medical field, were it the subject biology or TV-shows centered around hospitals. I chose the bachelor Biomedical Engineering to combine this interest with my affiliation for the more technical subjects in school. It was during my second year that I discovered my specific interest for neuroscience, after which I also read some books about it in my spare time. This is why I’m really excited to be doing my bachelor assignment with the Clinical Neurophysiology group.

Research Interests

My current research is about the Activation to improve recovery in an in vitro model of the ischemic penumbra. The aim is to see how, after a stroke, we could still save a large part of the brain by activating brain cells manually.