Assistant Researcher
Building: Technohal
Room:  3384
Phone: + 31 (0) 53 4891116


Areti Sfakianou obtained her BSc in electrical and computer engineering from Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, in April of 2015. After two years of working experience in Intrasoft International, she started a MSc in biomedical engineering at TU Delft and received her diploma in December 2019. Her master thesis title is “Functional Characterization of Human iPSC-Derived Neural Networks using MEA Systems for in vitro Modeling of Psychiatric Disorders” and was implemented in conjunction with the department of Neurobiological Psychiatry at Erasmus Medical Center.  From February of 2020 onwards, she has been working as an Assistant Researcher in the Clinical Neurophysiology group of University of Twente, on the project “EEG in-a-dish: towards Precision medicine for Epilepsy (PRINCES)”.

Research interests   

Strong interest and high motivation in neural cell culture techniques, extracellular measurements on neural cultures with Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs) and biomedical signal processing.