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Office manager

T.(Tanja) J.G. Gerrits 
Office Manager CNPH/ MD&I
Building Carré, C3623
+31 53 489 4051/ 1116


Tanja was born in Dwingeloo and graduated in 1987 from the Hotel school in Groningen. She has worked 4 years as head of the reception at Center Parcs in Dalen. Then she moved to Twente where she began her job as a management assistant at ‘Conference Hotel Drienerburght’ at  the University of Twente. After 9 years, she switched to another job: department secretary of the group of Han Huetink  (Applied Mechanics, ET), in combination with the position of secretary of the M2I institute (Materials Innovation Institute in Delft). After another 9 years she found a new job in being an office manager at the ECTM (Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine), one of the centers of expertise of the University of Twente and part of the training Technical Medicine (TM). After 4 years she switched to the position of office manager of two departments: Clinical Neurophysiology (CNPH) and Cardiovascular Respiratory Physiology (CRPH), also at the University of Twente.  

 She also graduated as a Vitality- and Lifestyle coach and has her own practice