Applied Cryogenics in Life Sciences: The Case of Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

JP. Bernard and A. Dallais

Air Liquide Paris Innovation Campus, Les Loges-en-Josas, France

This paper presents preliminary experimental results of cryogenic performance of a chamber dedicated to Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) application using liquid nitrogen (LIN) as a cooling source.

Cryogenic fluid used for such cold applications for operating temperatures at -110°C (around 160 K or lower, as per therapy needs) is mainly liquid nitrogen. First, a brief overview of the application, the technologies and the aim of such works is given to present the reasons why cryogenic solution is a good candidate for providing cold atmosphere for cryotherapy treatments. In particular it includes a presentation of the main thermodynamic data of liquid nitrogen applied for this application which are important to determine the process efficiency.

Then an evaluation of LIN consumptions is detailed based on experimental tests on a standard cryo-chamber available in the market. Finally a comparison of both technologies, cryo-sauna and cryo-chamber in terms of specific LIN consumption per patient is presented. A simulation shows that breakeaven point at 6.2 kg LIN per patient can be achieved as soon as second operating hour with cryo-chamber versus cryosauna and this value goes down to 4 kg per patient from fourth operating hour with cryo-chamber whereas cryo-sauna consumption tends to 6 kg per patient as asymptotic value.

WBC Cryo-Chamber Layout