For the period of November 3 - 4, 2019, rooms are blocked at U Parkhotel Enschede for reservations before October 11, 2019, and depending on availability. There is a fixed room rate per night for CHMT2019 participants.

Hotel accommodation:      3 & 4 November 2019       

Comfort room       € 86,50 per night

Superior room       € 101,50 per night

Breakfast               € 13,50 p.p. per day

Our parking lot and fast, secure Wi-Fi are available to you at no extra charge.

Booking: Participants can book a room at the U Parkhotel website, through the link below:    

Note: The option for the rooms is valid until October 3rd 2019. After this date the link above and price offer expire and the regular rates as offered on the website apply. After October 3rd bookings can be made based on availability.