Praneeth Reddy Kuninty

Tel: +31 53 4893552
Room: Zuidhorst 255

Praneeth Kuninty was born in Adilabad, India. He obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2010 from J.S.S College of Pharmacy, Mysore. In 2013, he graduated from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands with a Master in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences. He did his first master project on the “Characterization of Inulin Nanocrystals”. Later he did his second master project on the “SAINT-Lipid Polycation particles, a novel carrier for an improved delivery of siRNA to activated primary endothelial cells”. Since July 2013, he is working towards his PhD. in the BST group on novel targets in pancreatic tumor stroma and targeted delivery of small RNAs/-inhibitors for cancer therapy under the guidance of Dr. Jai Prakash.


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