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Name: Bart Metselaar
Room: ZH256
Phone: +31-(0)53-489-3570


Josbert M. “Bart” Metselaar (Rotterdam, July 6th 1971 ) obtained a MSc degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1995 and a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree in 1998, both at Utrecht University. During his study he completed a research internship in pharmacology and PK/PD modeling at the Dept of Pharmaceutics, University of Florida, US.

In 1999 he started his PhD at the Dept of Pharmaceutics and the Dept of Immunology Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht within the scope of a large academic research collaboration funded by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Yamanouchi (nowadays Astellas). He studied novel targeted formulations of anti-inflammatory compounds in autoimmune diseases.

After completing his Ph.D. in 2003 and a Post Doc fellowship in the same field of research in 2005, he decided to on translating his academic accomplishments into novel clinical and industrial investigational products. To this end he founded his own University spin off company Enceladus Pharmaceuticals, with which he raised significant funding over the years. This allowed the company to grow and perform its pharmaceutical, preclinical and clinical development projects.

In recent years, the company and its investigational product portfolio gradually matured, and Dr Metselaar felt that he should partly refocus on academic research again. In 2012 he took a part-time position as assistant professor in the group of Targeted Therapeutics at the University of Twente, where he works on carrier design and formulation development for advanced drug delivery, nanomedicine PK/PD, targeted therapy of experimental models of inflammation, atherosclerosis, and cancer, and imaging techniques as readout for drug targeting and therapeutic efficacy.

Dr Metselaar says: “ I enjoy being part of a multidisciplinary academic team again, where my background and experience in terms of translational aspect of academic research projects can be utilized . As a pharmacist and life science entrepreneur, I have had the chance to actually go through the entire process from academic lab scale research and production towards full GMP-compliant manufacturing and GCP-compliant clinical development. With my research and teaching I hope to draw the attention of academic students also beyond the basics of advanced drug delivery to items like intellectual property, clinical & pharmaceutical development, and marketing.”

Key publications

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