Former PhD Students

Dr. Karin Binnemars-Postma

Photo Karin Postma
Name: Karin Postma

On the 18th  of January 2018, Karin defended her PhD thesis entitled:


In 2005, Karin started her study Pharmacy at the University of Utrecht. After getting her bachelor’s degree in 2008, she continued with her master’s in Pharmacy, with special attention to the development of medicine. Some elective courses included Nanomedicines and Natural Product Research. During internships at the hospitals in Harderwijk and Enschede, she paid special attention to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In 2010 she started working on her master’s thesis on Paediatric drug formulations. In 2011 she graduated at the University of Utrecht.

Current project

It is the objective of this project to investigate new drug delivery vehicles and design novel targeted therapeutics directed against tumor associated macrophages. This novel treatment approach will also be studied and optimized as combination therapy with tumor-targeted cytostatic formulations.

In recent years, many advances have been made in the therapeutic treatment of cancer. Many of the drugs, which are on the market today are directed against the tumor itself. However, new scientific insights have demonstrated that the tissue in which the tumor is imbedded, also plays an important role in supporting the tumor. Because of this, the tumor stroma promises to be an interesting target for therapeutic intervention. Despite ongoing research, there are many promising targets and pathways, which have not yet been explored. Specific drug targeting will help get the therapeutic agents to the target in the tumor stroma and will optimize the local bioavailability, while avoiding undesired side-effects.