Bianca Ruël
Carre 4.209
+31 53 489 6788

Bianca Ruël (1968) studied preparative organic chemistry at the University of Professional Education in Enschede, and joined the Supramolecular Chemistry and Technology Group in 1991. She worked on several topics including: Conformational properties of calix[4]arenes; Water-soluble cyclodextrin-based host molecules; Lanthanide Ion complexes and their luminescence properties; Calix[4]arenes for Second-Order-Nonlinear Optics; Metallodendrimers; Anion recognition and sensing and synthetic receptors based on hydrogen-bonded assemblies. In 2003 she started working at the NMR-department, a subdivision of the SMCT-group. Now she is working in the BNT-group where she is responsible for the 400 MHz and 600 MHz NMR machines. She is also teaching practical chemistry at ST and AT students.