Stan Maassen
Carre 4.236
+31 53 489 2933

Stan Maassen was born on September 27th, 1990, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In September 2008 he moved to Enschede to study Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. After obtaining his bachelor degree in 2012, he continued his studies in Chemical Engineering following the Molecules & Materials master track at the University of Twente. During his master’s, he followed an internship at the Institute of Material Research and Engineering, a research institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, in Singapore towards anti-biofouling surfaces. The topic of his master thesis, which was performed at the Molecular nanoFabrications group at the University of Twente, supervised by Prof. Jurriaan Huskens, was “Multivalent interactions on surface density gradients for (bio)sensing applications”.

Since June 2014 Stan is a PhD candidate in the Biomolecular NanoTechnology group under supervision of Prof. Jeroen Cornelissen. His research will involve investigation of the physiochemical properties of the interior of nano-sized protein cages and study of chemical processes inside these nanoparticles.