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Rianne Hommersom

Rianne Hommersom
Carre 4.236
+31 53 489 2933

Rianne Hommersom studied Chemistry at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. During her master’s project she worked on the development of a catalytic aza-Wittig reaction by in situ phosphine oxide reduction, including synthetic strategies to improve the existing phosphole catalyst. This research was carried out in the Synthetic Organic Chemistry group under the supervision of drs. Henri van Kalkeren and prof. dr. Floris Rutjes.

In November 2012 she started her PhD in the Biomolecular Nanotechnology group at the University of Twente under the supervision of Dr. Nathalie Katsonis. The aim of her project is to form long-range, ordered networks of viruses by taking advantage of the helix-based organisation of cholesteric liquid crystals. The possibility to encapsulate functional materials in virus particles sets the stage to potential applications in the fields of soft nanotechnology and hybrid materials for optics and magnetism.