Name Dr. Oya Tagit
Room Carre 4.236
Tel +31 53 489 2933

Oya Tagit obtained her bachelor degree of Biology from the Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2003. She continued her master education in the same university and joined the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering group headed by Prof. Dr. Vasif Hasirci at METU. She received her master degree of Biotechnology in June 2005, with the research project entitled “Development and analysis of controlled release polymeric rods containing vancomycin”. In October 2005, she started her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. G. Julius Vancso and Prof. Dr. Jennifer L. Herek in the Material Science and Technology of Polymers (MTP) and Optical Sciences (OS) groups at the University of Twente, on the development and characterization of stimuli-responsive polymer/quantum dot hybrid platforms with potential applications in bio-nanotechnology. She obtained her Ph D degree in March 2010 with the thesis entitled “Stimuli Responsive Polymer/Quantum Dot Hybrid Platforms Modified at the Nanoscale”.

In April 2010, she has joined the group of Biomolecular Nanotechnology (BNT) chaired by Prof. Dr. Jeroen Cornelissen as a postdoctoral researcher. Her research project involves applications of biomolecular architectures as nanotemplates and nanoreactors for modulating the assembly and growth of nanoparticles.