Mark de Ruiter
Carre 4.061
06 – 33801 880

Mark de Ruiter was born in Rhenen, the Netherlands on the 16th of march 1990. From 2009 he did his bachelor at the University of Twente with a mayor in applied physics and a minor in biotechnology and chemistry. He obtained his bachelor degree in 2012 after a project on ‘Adsorption of redox-active molecules on platinum and boron doped diamond electrodes in nanofluidic electrochemical sensors’ under supervision of Prof. Serge G. Lemay. In the same year he started a master Chemical Engineering at the same university following the Molecules & Materials track. During which he performed an internship at Smiths chemical solutions in Almelo. He finished his master on the topic of ‘Binding knottin derivatives trough CB[8]-amino acid interactions’. Which was performed at the Molecular Nanofabrications group at the University of Twente, supervised by Prof. Pascal Jonkheijm. He obtained this master’s degree (cum laude) in September 2014.

Since December 2014 Mark is a PhD candidate in the Biomolecular NanoTechnology group under supervision of Prof. Jeroen Cornelissen. His research will involve protein cages as mimics of bacterial nanocompartments.