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Dr. Liulin Yang

Liulin yang
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+31 53 489 2933
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Liulin Yang was born in China in 1983. He majored on material science and technology at the Xiamen University (China), where he received his bachelor degree in July 2004. Then he started his PhD project under the supervisor of Prof. Yanming Dong at the Xiamen University (China). He received his Ph.D. degree in 2011. The aim of his project was to develop a series of carbohydrate-based liquid crystalline dendrimers.

From May 2012 to May 2015, he worked as a post doc in the group of Prof. Xi Zhang at the Tsinghua University. During this period, he and co-workers developed new methods for controlled synthesis and characterization of supramolecular polymers.

Since May 2015, he is a post doc in the BNT group of Prof. Jeroen J.L.M. Cornelissen and MnF groups of Prof. Pascal Jonkheijm. The aim of the project is to develop hybrid (gel-like) materials based on the combination of plant viruses and supramolecular chemistry.


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