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Hasnaa El Said El Sayed

Name: Hasnaa El Said El Sayed
Room: Carre 4.326 
Tel: 053 - 489 6841

I was born in Paris on February 25th 1995. I obtained a bachelor degree in chemistry in 2016, and a master in inorganic molecular chemistry in 2018 at Sciences Sorbonne Université. My master project was on the Synthesis and characterization Switchable Complexes with the Pr. Rodrigue Lescouezec at the Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire (IPCM) at Sciences Sorbonne Université. I start a PhD in BNT group in November 2018, under the supervision of Pr. Nathalie Katsonis. The aim of my project is to control the formation of bimetallic catalyst using light-responsive ligands. The project is funded by ARC CBBC (Advanced Research Center Chemical Building Blocks Consortium).