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Drs. Jealemy Galindo Millan

Jealemy Galindo Millan
Name Jealemy Galindo Millan
Room Carre 4.228
Tel +31 53 489 2906


Jealemy Galindo Millán was born on March 9th, 1981 in Caracas (Venezuela). After finishing high school, she started her studies in chemical engineering at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), where she studied for three years and worked as an assistant for programming courses at the faculty of engineering. At the end of 2001, she moved to the Netherlands and enrolled at the University of Twente in 2003 to continue her studies. During this period of time she lost her interest in programming and became interested in chemical analysis and biomedical technology, where she minored in 2005. In September of that same year she obtained her bachelor degree at the same university after working at the chemical analysis group of Prof. Uwe Karst. During her bachelor assignment, she worked on the screening of carbonyl compounds in automobile exhausts using active sampling methods and LC-MS. In 2005 she continued her master studies at the University of Twente and in November 2007 she obtained her degree (cum laude) in chemistry and technology of materials. During her master thesis, she studied the possible limitations and applications of high-field (micro) magnetic resonance imaging (μMRI). This work was carried out at the supramolecular chemistry and technology group of Prof. David Reinhoudt under the supervision of Dr. Aldrik Velders. In the same period she received the Unilever Research Prize 2007 for her master thesis. Since December 2007 she is co-worker in the NMR & MRI group of Dr. Aldrik Velders. The aim of her project is to explore the applications of NMR spectroscopy and MRI in the field of bionanomedicine and micro- and nanoanalytical methods.