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Dr. Mohammad Aref Khalily

Name: Mohammad Aref Khalily
Room: Carre 4.326 

M.Aref Khalily was born in Balkh city of Afghanistan. He received his bachelors in chemistry education from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) in 2009. Afterwards he started his Master’s thesis in organic chemistry at the department of chemistry under supervision  of Prof. Ayhan Sikti Demir. He obtained his Master’s degree titled “Synthesis of New Mediators For Electrochemical NAD/NADH Recycling” in 2011. He then moved to Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology (UNAM) of Bilkent University (Turkey) to pursue a PhD degree under supervision of Prof. Mustafa O. Guler in 2012. During his PhD research study, he worked on fabrication of novel supramolecular peptide nanostructures for catalysis, optoelectronic and biomedical applications. He received his PhD degree titled “Design and Synthesis of Self-Assembling Peptides For Fabrication of Functional Nanomaterials” in December 2016. Before joining Twente University, he worked as postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Tamer Uyar where he focused on development of novel nanocatalysts using electrospinning and atomic layer deposition techniques.

In September 2017 he joined BNT group to pursue postdoctoral research under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jeroen Cornelissen.