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Richard Egberink

Richard Egberink
Name: Richard Egberink
Room: Carre 4.209
Tel: +31 53 489 5718
e-mail: r.j.m.egberink@utwente.nl

Richard Egberink (1961) studied preparative organic chemistry at the University of Professional Education in Enschede, and joined the Supramolecular Chemistry and Technology group in 1983. Currently, he is involved in the development of Lab-on-a-chip systems for organic reactions, together with Dae June Joe and Francesca Costantini. Research is focused on reactions under high pressure, and catalysis in organic chemistry. Other research topics included the development of sensors for heavy metal ions (both potentiometric (CHEMFETs) as optical), and the treatment of radioactive waste by membrane transport, projects based on calixarene chemistry.