Peng Liu, M.Sc.

Name: Peng Liu 
Room: Carre C4433
Tel: +31534899545

Peng Liu was born on 8th February 1990, in Henan province, China. He studied Chemistry at Xinxiang University in China and received his bachelor's degree in June 2016. The thesis title is “Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of g-C3N4/ZnS Composites” under the supervision of Prof.Gairong Chen.

In June 2019, he received his master's degree from Shanghai Normal University, China. His master's research project is about the integration of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. His master thesis title is “Ultrasmall WO3−x@γ-poly‑L‑glutamic Acid Nanoparticles as a Photoacoustic Imaging and Effective Photothermal-Enhanced Chemodynamic Therapy Agent for Cancer” under the supervision of Dr.Qiwei Tian.

Since September 2019, he is a PhD candidate in the MCBP and MNF group under supervision of Prof.Leon W.M.M. Terstappen, MD, PhD and Prof.Dr.Ir. Pascal Jonkheijm. His project aims to manufacture smart ferrofluids to continuously capture circulating tumor cells.