Name Sterre Stoter
Room Zuidhorst 114
Phone +31 53 489 5585
Function Master student
Research The effect of conductive hydrogels on the maturation of cardiomyocytes


I started my bachelors on Technical Medicine at the University of Twente in 2013 for which I graduated in 2016. I then switched to Biomedical Engineering, where I specialised in Bionanotechnology & Advanced Biomanufacturing. During my master I did my internship at the Universitäts Klinukum Eppendorf in Hamburg, where I worked on testing and manufacturing Engineered Heart Tissue. For my master thesis I am currently working on manufacturing conductive hydrogels to compare the maturation of cardiomyocytes cultured on these hydrogels to the maturation of cardiomycocytes cultured on non-conductive hydrogels, working at the AST-department and the DBE-department.