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Rolf Slaats, MSc


Name Rolf Slaats
Room Zuidhorst 127
Phone +31 53 489 4692
Function PhD Candidate


Rolf (1989) received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in biomedical sciences at Utrecht University. During his master’s programme, Rolf focused on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. His major research internship at the department of experimental cardiology of the UMC Utrecht was aimed at developing an engineered ECM patch seeded with cardiomyocyte progenitor cells using a 3D bioprinter, to improve heart function after myocardial infarction. His minor research project was performed at the Monash Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, Australia, on the use of human amniotic epithelial cells to reduce ventilation-induced brain injury in preterm infants. He also developed a keen interest in approaching academic research from a commercial point of view, and to that end completed a second minor programme on Business and Economics at Utrecht University and Nyenrode University. With a thesis on induced pluripotent stem cells and haematopoietic differentiation Rolf graduated from his master’s programme Biology of Disease in 2015, after which he started as a PhD candidate at the Applied Stem cell Technologies department of MIRA at the University of Twente.