Pritam Das


Name Pritam Das
Room Zuidhorst 129
Phone +31 53 489 5585
Function ERASMUS MUNDUS PhD candidate guest 
Project Artificial membranes tuning for Lymphatic wall repair: development of double porous material


Name of Supervisor:
Dr. Andries van der Meer (Utwente, NL), Prof. Rob Lammertink (Utwente, NL), Prof. Patrice Bacchin (University Paul Sabatier, France), Dr. Loredana de Bartolo (University of Calabria, Italy).

Funded by:
Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME 5th Ed) – EACEA

I am Pritam DAS, a doctoral mobility student in University of Twente under the funding Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering (EUDIME 5th Ed) – EACEA.

My work is on the Lymphatic system disease called Cylothorax, an uncommon form of pleural effusion, which generally occurs after cardiac surgery and almost any surgical operation in the chest.

Main PhD Objective:

• Biodegradable and biocompatible patch (membrane) with 3D Double-porosity: Large pores accessible (20-50 µm dia) to cells & small
   pores (3-8 µm dia) for transfer of nutrients and oxygen.

• Study the membrane bio-resorbability in contact with the lymphatic environment in order to evaluate the persistent length of the patch
   in the human body.

• Improve and enhance the lymphatic cells colonization of the membrane surface in order to select the best 3D structure as well as
   determining the best physiological conditions.

• Dynamic cell adhesion study (installing membranes in microfluidic device) in order to understand the application in vivo by mimicking
   the lymphatic system. In addition, to evaluate the better cell viability; Dynamic vs static.

I have done M.Tech thesis on ‘Nanostructured membrane surface modification for enhanced antifouling property’ in Leibniz institute for polymer research (TU Dresden), Germany and did my M.Tech in Polymer chemistry in Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

Before that I also have done M.Sc thesis on Alzheimer drug synthesis in Indian Institute of chemical technology Jadavpur, India and did my M.Sc in Organic chemistry in RKMC Narendrapur (Calcutta University), India.