ERASMUS Students

Lara Ferreira Mil-Homens


Name Lara Ferreira Mil-Homens 
Room Zuidhorst 113
Phone +31 53 489 5585
Function ERASMUS Master Student 
Project Vascularization of hiPSC derived cardiac tissues


Lara (1995) iniciated her Integrated Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering in 2013 at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal). With her Bachelor finished in 2016, she began her Master’s in the same year. Since her research interests include tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and microfluidics systems, she applied for the research topic “Vascularization of hiPSC derived cardiac tissues supported by an organ-on-chip platform” at the Applied Stem Cell Technologies (AST) department of MIRA at University of Twente (Netherlands), being currently enrolled in an internship at this group