Advanced Membranes for Aqueous Applications (AMAA)

Advance Membranes for Aqueous Applications

Within the Advance Membranes for Aqueous Applications (AMAA) research group we focus on the next generation membranes for water treatment. Although several types of membranes are already successfully applied in the water industry, several challenges remain. At AMAA we employ nanotechnology and new chemistry on a fundamental level in order to design the membranes to tackle these remaining challenges. Amongst them are membranes designed for:

  • Waste water treatment applications to remove micropollutants.
  • Low electricity consuming membrane applications, e.g. forward osmosis or gravity filtration.
  • Drinking water production is a single step.
  • Decentralized water treatment facilities.

The group is headed by prof. E. Roesink ( who has a life time of experience in membrane developments and membrane valorisation.