About the programme

[ABC] is a broad bachelor to prepare students for a career in modern engineering.

Some general information about the programme. [ABC] is one of the BSc study programmes at the .... Faculty [link on the faculty name]. This three years BSc programme focusses on.... It's different than other comparable programmes because... 


[Context within UT] Researchers and teachers of the Faculty of ... and the Faculty of .... contribute to the programme. For the full list of involved research groups and the support staff see the Organisation section (put link on organisation section and point it to the organisation folder of this website). Maybe explain where you are located (building).


For students of this programme, there is working space available at the ... building on the ... floor. You can further explain what labs or other special facilities there are, like BMS lab, Design Lab, Wind tunnel, Rapid Prototyping Lab, MechLab, etc.... . Always put a link on the facility name so make sure people can click on it for further information. One sentence per lab on what people can do there would be nice.

Goals and Aims

  1. Creating a consistent website and thereby
  2. Enableing the user to easily find what he/she is looking for
  3. Providing a pleasent experience
  4. ...

Quality assurance

Short text...

Study association

Short text what they do like selling books and collecting feedback. Link to study association.