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Visualization and Image Analysis in Medical Practice

Imaging techniques are widely used in medical practice. The data produced by these techniques contains abundant information, yet only a fraction is of importance for the treatment of the patient; often a certain aspect needs to be visualized or a certain measurement needs to be performed.


The goal of this course is the acquisition of skills and insight in the visualization and analysis of medical data.


A central concept during the course is data representation: the way in which for instance a blood vessel is represented. This concept is used to treat subjects like visualization and common image processing operations. Further, we will use (self-made) algorithms to transform one data representation into another that is better suited for its purpose.

The course is given in small groups and is practical and interactive in nature; the students will do a lot of programming themselves, enabling the students to quickly apply their newfound knowledge to their own situation.

The course starts with a two-day introduction to programming, data representation and visualization. In the next three project days the course topics are covered in more depth, each day working with data from another organ (and modality).


This course is intended for PhD students and young scientists with a background in Biomedical Technology, Technical Medicine and related fields, who have a need for more insight in visualization and analysis of (medical) data. Experience and affinity with programming (e.g. Python or Matlab) is preferred.

The course is organized by the Technical Medicine department of the University of Twente in collaboration with the Medical Imaging group of the MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine.


This course has been accredited by NVvTG with 35 points.

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