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Endovascular Aortic Repair

Endovascular Aortic Repair procedures have become increasingly important in the treatment of aneurisms in the arterial system. The results of this treatment are very well and the and the intervention is less harmful for the patient.


Due to technological developments the number of possibilities for endovascular treatments rises. In the mean while the treatment is getting more complex. Knowledge of the latest technology and the skills required is crucial for obtaining an optimal result.


Endovascular Aortic Repair is to obtain insight and understanding of the most important aspects of the preparatory measurements for an endovascular aneurism repair, and the execution of the actual endovascular interventions.

The course consists of 2 different 1-day modules:

The training is performed in small groups and is very interactive.

  • Preparation -Online e-learning module including self-assessment test
  • Kick off session - Lecture: Clear Presentation by experts in vascular surgery or interventional radiology.
  • Hands on training -Practical’s: hands on training in the state of the art ECTM


This module is dedicated to medical specialists and residents in vascular surgery and interventional radiology. The module forms a perfect preparation for the CASH-3-Vascular module for 5th and 6th year residents in vascular surgery.
This course is organized by the Technical Medicine Department of the University of Twente. Another course of possible interest in this domain is focused on “Stenotic and Aneurysmatic vascular diseases” (information in Dutch).


Participants can register for the entire course, but also for the individual modules.
The upcoming course dates and the enroll form can be found here.
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