General section MSc. EER Faculty of Science and Technology Article 4.3

  1. The opportunity to take written and oral tests is offered twice a year. The opportunity to take a test at the end of the period of in which the corresponding unit of study is offered, will be provided for all units of study. Practical exercises may be completed at least once a year.
  2. Contrary to that determined in paragraph 1 of this article, the opportunity is provided to take a test at least once in a given academic year for a unit of study that was not taught in that year.
  3. In exceptional cases the examination board can deviate from the number of and manner in which tests can be taken.
  4. The scheduled dates and times of tests for the semester will be published not later than a month before the start of the semester.
  5. Rescheduling a test to another time than indicated in the timetable is only permitted upon authorisation form the programme board. Students are informed immediately of the relevant change. The programme board is then required to inform the examination board of the decision to implement a change at the next meeting of the examination board.


The following should be included in your request:

  • If you have circumstances that, in your opinion, justify an extra exam/test opportunity, you must mention these circumstances. You must have informed your study advisor about these circumstances beforehand. In case it concerns personal circumstances that you do not wish to share in detail, like illness or family reasons, a statement¬†from your stuy advisor will be enough.
  • A detailed study progress overview
  • An advise from your study advisor
  • If you mention fail-pass rules from a specific module or transitional arrangements please upload them with your request.

Check the meeting schedule of the MEX for the deadline for submitting your request.

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