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Exemption on prerequisits starting M2 and M3 internships


Programme-specific appendix MSc. Technical Medicine Article 11

  1. Before the start of a course unit the student has to meet the prerequisits of that unit.
  2. The order in which exams and the clinical internships and the clinical specialization internship must be taken is laid down in the syllabi of the relevant course units.
  3. The student can start the first clincal internship of the second year of the program when he/she has completed seven college weeks prior to the start of the internship 41 EC of the first year of the program. The not yet completed course units of the first year of the program have to be followed or are currently being followed. 
  4. The student can move on to the second clinical internship of the second year of the program when he/she has successfully completed seven college weeks prior to the start of the second clinical internship the first year of the program.
  5. In consultation with the assessment committee of the clinical internship the program director can decide to stop a clinical internship. The clinical internship that is discontinued due to insufficient performance of the student will be assessed as 'unsatisfactory'.
  6. In exceptional cases, the student can be given the opportunity to show sufficient competency development only once by means of an extra clinical internship.
  7. If a student receives twice an insufficient clinical internship assessment, he is excluded from follow-up clinical internships and thus from intake in the third year of the program.
  8. In case of paragraph 7 the program director will offer the student a remedial program tailored to the person. Only after this remedial program has been successfully completed the student can restart the second year of the program, i.e. the first clinical internship. Results of any previous clinical internships have been cancelled. 
  9. The student can start the third year of the program, the clinical specialization internship, when he has successfully completed the second year of the program.  
  10. Before the graduation colloquium all study components of the program must be successfully completed.
  11. The MEX, advised by the study advisor, is authorized to grant an exemption from the conditions referred to in paragraphs 1 to 9 of this article, if strict application of the provisions there would entail an unjustifiable delay in study progress. The student can submit a request to this effect to the MEX. 


The specific and exceptional circumstances must be motivated in the request. Moreover the request should contain:

  • a detailed study progress overview
  • an advise from the study advisor

Check the meeting schedule of the MEX for the deadline for submitting your request.

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