According to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) the Examination Board has the competence to deviate from the rules stated in the Education and Examination Regulation (EER/OER) of this university in specific cases. For that students can submit a motivated request which then will be decided on by the examination board.

Please read the following information carefully in case you want to submit a request. Only requests that are complete and submitted on time will be dealt with.


The Master Examination Board (MEX) of Technical Medicine meet every three months. A request to the MEX must be received by BOZ-TG at a specific date before the meeting of the MEX. You will find the meeting dates of the board and the deadlines for submitting your request in the meeting schedule. You will receive the decision of the MEX on your request within two weeks after the meeting. 

Required information

Requests can only be submitted through our web application form.

  • Fill out your personal information and the subject of your request.
  • Please check whether your request complies with the rule from the EER (OER).*
  • Submit your motivation. 
  • Add relevant documents if applicable.
  • Contact the study advisor in case of personal circumstances or if you need some advise and tips for writing your request. 

    *The subjects on which the MEX can decide are mentioned in the General section of the MSc., EER (OER) Science and Technology, the Programme Specific Appendix of Technical Medicine and in the Rules of the Examination Board (click on the links for full texts).