Exemption on prerequisits starting MDO


EER BSc art. 4.1 par. 2 – EER MSc art. 4.1 par. 3


Each module concludes with an exam.

a) The thesis is a public document that will be published in the Repository of the Library of the University.

b) The examination board can under specific circumstances deviate from this rule. Students can submit a request on this subject at the examination board.


The examination board can allow students to deviate from the public nature of the thesis and make it confidential. However it will only do so very rarely! That is because the thesis is part of the degree programme of the student and as a consequence should be public. Presentation of (confidential) research outcome to the organization or company where the assignment is executed can be done in a seperate presentation instead of in the colloquium. Confidential information not necessarily needs to be presented in the thesis.

The examination board made the following rules:

  • The board only needs to decide on deviation in case the whole thesis has to be confidential or in case of a temporary confidentiality. If the request is granted the student has to write a public summary of at least 3000 words. To establish the final grade, both the thesis and the summary will be subject to assessment.
  • In the following cases the supervisor can decide and permission of the examination board is not necessary:
    • If part of the thesis is confidential, this part could be added as a confidential appendix. It must be noticed that the thesis still should be readable. This needs approval of the supervisor. The thesis and confidential appendix will both be registered in the repository.
    • A thesis also can be anonymized before registered in the repository. This thesis should still be readable. It needs approval of the supervisor. 
  • When a student wants to change the public nature of the thesis after graduation the examination board will only handle requests if the programme approves this request.

All theses, public and confidential, will always be accessible for the supervisors (or programme management), the examination board and the accreditation committee. 


The request for changing the public nature of the thesis should be submitted as soon as possible after the start of your graduation project.

In your motivation you should explain why a confidential appendix or anonymized thesis is not possible. The request needs a written confirmation of your supervisor as well as a statement from the graduating organization or company.

Check the meeting schedule of the examination boards for the deadline for submitting your request.

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