The goal of the clinical internship of specialization is the development of the student into a clinical medical professional, who can play an independent role within a specialist team.

The internship consists of 2 parts: a ‘clinical specialization-part’ and an ‘applied science-part’ within a specialist medical department. The clinical part consists of identifying en applying specific diagnostical en therapeutical problem-relevant technical medicine-interventions. The applied science-part includes scientific research into structural and formal backgrounds and possible ways of solving a specific technical scientific diagnostical and/or therapeutical problem. The student will work a year at a medical specialist department. The nature of specialism will reflect the master specialization-track of his choice.

In this internship there are 2 parts: a ‘clinical specialization-part’ and an ‘applied science-part’. During the clinical specialization the student will familiarize himself with (building upon his experiences in the second Masters’ year’s internships) specific technical medical aspects of diagnostics en treatments of patients by analyzing and offering solutions and actually performing them. The student will carry out his work in close dialogue with members of the specialist team supervised by the physician in control. During this internship of specialization the student will frequently have contacts with patients with specific technical medical problems. The student is involved in all multidisciplinary team-discussions at his department and with other departments. During the ‘applied science-part’ of the internship, the student will carry out research, relevant to the hosting department, concerning a specific technical medical problem on the subject of diagnostics and treatment. The student will present an analysis and a possible way of solving a technical medical problem within the realm of diagnostics and treatment concerning a clearly defined group of patients. Supervised by a clinical medical and a technological mentor a research-plan will be formulated and carried out. The research will be part of a research-programme integrated in the medical department. The student will be working on a subproject of this programme that can and will be finished within the year of clinical specialization. If possible, the research result will be the start of a new PhD research-project. The student will present the research and its results at local, national and, if possible, international scientific meetings and he will write a master-thesis on the subject. If possible, the student will write down the results of research in a scientific publication.

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