The main goal of clinical internships in the second year of the master’s is: both analyzing and finding possible solutions to actual problems within the realm of technical medicine. The student will have to familiarize with the nature, the specific features and the way patient care is organized at the hosting organization, especially concerning technically medical interventions. Besides orientating generally on specialist patient care of the relevant discipline, the student will identify and analyze a group of patients with a specific technical medical problem. The student will focus on specific diagnostical and therapeutical actions concerning these patients; the student will be present at these operations or will if possible conduct them himself.

The student will perform 4 internships in the second year. The student will be at a clinical department for 10 weeks during each period of 3 months. The rest of the time (2 to 3 weeks) will be spent at free choice by the student. Each internship must be fully completed before the student can start the next one.

Example projects M2