At the end of the Technical Medicine Bachelor’s, every student will perform a project within a small group of 3 to 4 students. This final exam has 2 main goals: it will prove students ‘ ability to set up and perform research and it can be considered as a proof of competences. Each project will be multidsciplinary (TGO) and in that way reflects students’ future professional environment. Process and process description are the main issues in the performance of the TGO.

Researchers and staff at Technical Medicine will select topics and themes for the TGO, using input of doctors, teachers, scientists, students, clinics, companies, etc. All proposals will be judged and officially determined by the Bachelor Exam Committee of Technical Medicine. All exam-topics (TGO’s) will be typical for TM: a medical problem with a clear technological component. A chief feature of all exams is their multidisciplinarity: problem-solving will only be possible by approaching it from (and using) diverse scientific perspectives and disciplines, including (Technical) Medicine, Biomedical Technology, Business Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, etc. The process and its description in this TGO are of greater importance than the actual final solution to the problem. The assignment entails both theoretical as practical challenges (experiments). The exam will be finalized with a common (made by each group of students) graduation thesis that will be presented both in writing and orally. Each student will present an individual reflection as well.

Example projects B3