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PhD position MIRA - Research area Rehabilitation Robotics

PhD position within the research area of Rehabilitation Robotics.

MIRA - Institute of Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine at the University of Twente, The Netherlands has an opening for a PhD position within the research area of Rehabilitation Robotics.


Regaining walking ability is one of the top priorities for neurological patients. Robot-aided gait training is a promising technique to facilitate recovery. The therapy is often provided according to “the one size fits all”-principle: patients with different walking impairments receive the same kind of support. To improve the effectiveness of robot aided training it should be tailored to the individual patient’s motor impairments. Current impairment measures do not suffice to characterize the impairments underlying distorted walking ability. The aim of the proposal is to develop and evaluate protocols and algorithms to quantify the primary impairments while subjects are actually walking. This will be done using the redesigned version of the LOPES robotic gait trainer, which can provide (un)loading and perturbation torques to the leg joints while it accurately measures the person’s response. You will develop the required test and analysis procedures to quantify the different impairments and evaluate these in healthy subjects and neurological patients.

The project is a collaboration between academia (University of Twente), clinic (Roessingh Research and Development/Roessingh Research and Development) and industry (Moog and Demcon).

The open position is within NeuroMechanics & Biomechatronics section, headed by prof. dr. ir. H. van der Kooij (Department of biomechanical engineering, University of Twente) which aims to improve the quality of life humans with a movement disorder. We develop new interventions and diagnostic techniques based on fundamental insight in (impaired) human motor control. This is accomplished through the combination of computational modeling of the neuromechanial system and experiments using techniques from system and control engineering, such as closed loop system identification. This basic research drives the development of devices to contribute to the improved diagnosis and treatment of participants with movement disorders (see for more information .


We are looking for highly motivated, talented and enthusiastic candidates with an active attitude and excellent communication and collaborative skills. The successful applicant has completed a master degree in (bio)mechanical, biomedical, or human movement sciences (with a proven affinity for beta courses/technology) or in a closely related discipline. A strong background in (biomedical) system and signal analysis, system identification, biomechanics and control engineering is preferred as well as experience with conducting human/patient experiments.


For more information see or contact Edwin van Asseldonk ( ( +31 53 489 2446)


Candidates are invited to upload their application via the central job portal of the University of Twente at, before May 25, 2013. Please include the following attachments in your application as a *single* PDF file

- CV (including a list of grades and at least two references)

- A cover letter, emphasizing your specific interest, qualifications and motivation to apply for this position

Only online applications are considered, applications by email will not be accepted.