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PhD doctoral position Moving beyond maetzler

PhD Position

Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Moving Beyond”

Overall Aim: To improve control of gait and posture in the elderly and in Parkinson’s disease.

Partners: University of Tübingen, Karolinska Institute Stockholm, University of Nijmegen, TelAviv Medical Centre, UCL

Project at the University of Tübingen

Development of a conceptual model for Parkinson’s disease

One PhD doctoral position is available at the Functional Neurogeriatrics group at the University Hospital in Tübingen, Germany, to investigate how patient-reported outcome is associated with objective assessment of movement. This implements the development of a conceptual model for Parkinson’s disease. Automatic detection of distinct (pathological) movement patterns, including freezing episodes, gait initiation and turning, will be compared to results from surveys focusing, e.g. on quality of life aspects, patient-specific feedback methods, and on/off state. In particular long-term measurements of daily activity / physical activity will be monitored with wearable and unobtrusive sensors, and the patients will be interviewed using semi-quantitative and qualitative assessment approaches.

Ideal candidate must hold a degree in medicine, psychology, movement science, neuroscience, biology, or a related discipline and be highly motivated and creative individuals who want to work in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary and multi-national research environment. Prior experience in neuroscience, movement science and statistics is highly recommended. A good German skill is an absolute requisite.

Successful applicants should also be willing to learn a variety of complementary techniques ranging from quantitative autonomic and fine motor testing, to new statistical approaches evaluating, e.g. long-term outcomes.

PD Dr. Walter Maetzler

Dept. for Neurodegenerative Diseases Centre of Neurology

and Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research

University Hospital Tuebingen

Hoppe-Seyler-Str. 3

D - 72076 Tübingen

Phone: (++49) 7071 29 82047

Fax: (++49) 7071 29 4596