Regelingen en procedures

Procedure Registration master Technical Medicine

Procedure Admission master Technical Medicine for UT-Bachelors (TG and non-TG students)

Students need to (re-) register at Studielink* and follow its procedure. Next to this procedure students need to register as described below. The procedure differs per category:

•Bachelor students Technische Geneeskunde (TG) may be registered for the master Technical Medicine.

An application form for the master Technical Medicine is available at the website of BOZ-TNW. Students have to indicate which of the two master tracks they will follow: Medical Imaging & Interventions or Medical Sensing & Stimulation.

•UT-bachelors (non-TG students) have to contact the student counselor for admission to the master ( or follow the procedure from the graduate site. See

N.B.: There is a possibility to change from track. After consultation with the student counselor the student has to inform BOZ-TM through the mutation form, available at website of BOZ-TNW

*If you don’t have the Bachelor degree yet, you re-register as Bachelor student at the Studielink site. The Central Student Administration (CSA) of the UT will change your registration at Studielink into registration for the Master TM after your graduation from the Bachelor programme.

* Indien je je bachelor nog niet hebt ontvangen moet je je in Studielink herinschrijven als bachelorstudent. De Centrale Studentenadministratie van de UT zal jouw inschrijving bij Studielink na behalen van het bachelordiploma omzetten in een masterinschrijving. Dat hoef je dus niet zelf te doen. Zie ook de FAQ over herinschrijven: